Most who know me know that I love to open up new devices, break them soon or later and fix them again. That’s probably why my family requests me to fix things only when they exhausted all other options. But hey, it’s probably in my nature, I cant help myself ;-).

Eufy HomeBase2
Eufy HomeBase2

So this time, I got my hands on the Eufy HomeBase 2. At as information about this lovely piece of technology is limited on the internet, it’s my time to share!

So here we go, this is what you need:

  • Eufy HomeBase 2
  • guitar pick
  • Small and thin Philips screwdriver
  • Steady hands

First, we need to open up the bottom case with the guitar pick. On one side, there is a small notch where we can start.

Next, we need to separate the bracket from the outer shell. It’s attached with 4 screw that are a bit buried. So you need a small and fine screwdriver with a sleek head.

Now, we can see the bracket with it’s 3 wifi antenna’s.
I made some pictures of the top and bottom:

Regarding the chips, this is what I found out:


Top of the Eufy HomeBase 2 PCB
Top of the Eufy HomeBase 2 PCB board
  1. Network Signal Transformer
    Print: XZ i933-G / H1102NL
    Datasheet: LINK
  2. ?
    Print: F488 / 7662 / 11951
  3. ?
    Print: F488 / 7662 / 11951
  4. ?
    Print: WX01 / HD804004
  5. USB audio
    Print: HS-100B / CFW32878.1 / SHH1BNCZ-GS / 1938
  6. USB Hub
    Print: GL850G / HH4JB05Y22 / 950SRC8611
  7. Wifi antenna’s:
    Print: AT&G-T8010 / WiFi-2-V1


Bottom of the Eufy HomeBase 2 PCB board
Bottom of the Eufy HomeBase 2 PCB board
  1. Samsung 16GB NAND Flash Memory
    Print: SEC 940 / B041 / KLMAG1JETD / SA57ZZIUS
    Datasheet: LINK
  2. Macronix Int. 256MB Flash memory
    Print: MXIC L194611 / MX25L25635FZ2I-10G / 8F652400

Due to limited time, I haven’t got around to working out every details.
However, I hope you gained some insights into the ‘inner guts’ of the Eufy HomeBase 2! If you have any more question, just send me a message or reply to the post. Thanks for reading!

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