In my quest for the ideal alternative to Evernote, I’ve been assessing numerous note-taking apps. This evaluation is just one aspect of a broader project aimed at comparing various note-taking platforms. For further details, feel free to explore this post: Finding the perfect alternative for Evernote.

Assessment ClickUp

ClickUp is a more comprehensive productivity and project management tool designed to streamline work processes and enhance team collaboration, then a real dedicated note-taking platform/app.

ClickUp is a complete productivity app that includes robust note-taking features. One of its main advantages is its versatility, allowing users to create and organize projects with notes attached, within a larger framework of tasks, projects, and goals.

However, ClickUp can be somewhat overwhelming for new users due to its extensive feature set and customization options. The learning curve can be steep, especially for those who only need a simple note-taking solution. Additionally, while ClickUp excels in task management and project organization, its note-taking capabilities may feel secondary compared to dedicated note-taking apps.

Overall, it feels more a project management tool with collaboration features baked in. Perhaps not really suitable for the goal I have in mind, organizing my notes on a daily basis.


  • Lovely platform for management projects and goals, individually and as a team.
  • ClickUp seamlessly integrates note-taking with project management, allowing users to keep notes, tasks, and project details in one unified platform.
  • Users can tailor ClickUp’s workflows to their specific needs, organizing notes within broader projects and tasks.
  • ClickUp supports real-time collaboration, enabling team members to edit and comment on notes together.
  • ClickUp integrates with numerous other tools and services, allowing users to connect their notes with various aspects of their workflow, enhancing overall efficiency.


  • The platform’s primary purpose is not to manage notes.
  • Due to its extensive feature set and customization options, ClickUp can be overwhelming for new users, especially those looking for a straightforward note-taking solution. The learning curve may be steep for those not familiar with project management tools.
  • The interface feels cluttered and less intuitive compared to dedicated note-taking apps.
  • While ClickUp excels in task management and project organization, its note-taking capabilities seem secondary.
  • ClickUp’s functionality is heavily reliant on an internet connection, and offline access to notes can be limited.
Topic Score (1-10)
Product  4,3
Platform support 5,5
Characteristics vendor/product 4,7
Functionality 3,8
Integrations 6,5
Personal evaluation 1


  • Product
  • Platform
  • Characteristics
  • Functionality
  • Integrations
  • Personal
  • Supplier: Mango Technologies
  • Product/service: ClickUp Unlimited
    • $ 84,00 (€ 77,50) per year
  • Part of (suite or package deal): stand-alone
  • Depending on (suite or package deal): stand-alone
Platform Score Remarks
Apple iOS 10 Full app support
Android 10 Full app support
Windows 1 Not available
MacOS 1 Not available
Linux 1 Not available
WebApp 10 Full app support
Topic Score Remarks
Open-Source 1 Fully closed source
Vendor lock-in 1 Export is only manually supported
Reputation confidentiality 10 OK reputation, if you properly secure your account.
Reputation integrity 5 There are indications that this platform is not always reliable [2]
Reputation availability 5 Good uptime but limited offline support
Reputation privacy 1 Does not have the best reputation [3]
Reputation pricing developments 10 Steady
Topic Score Remarks
Capacity, max. number notes 10 Unlimited
Capacity, max GB 10 Unlimited
Offline access 1 Requires internet given all platforms
Folder structure 1 Not supported
Tags 1 Not supported
Photo’s and camera (app) 1 Not natively supported
Other files (pdf, zip, etc) 1 Not supported
Version history 1 Not supported
External sharing 5 Limited
Create tasks from notes 10 Perfect support
Support handwritten notes 1 Not supported
Topic Score Remarks
Plugins 10 Great ecosystem [4]
API-interface 1 Very limited [7]
(Outlook) agenda 10 Supported [5][6]
AI / LMM 5 Paid plan ($ 60,00 per year)
Topic Score Remarks
Experience smartphone 1 Not suitable as a primary note-taking app
Experience laptop 1 Not suitable as a primary note-taking app
Deal-breakers 1 Not suitable as a primary note-taking app


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