In my quest for the ideal alternative to Evernote, I’ve been assessing numerous note-taking apps. This evaluation is just one aspect of a broader project aimed at comparing various note-taking platforms. For further details, feel free to explore this post: Finding the perfect alternative for Evernote.

Assesment Evernote

In the early 2010s, Evernote boasted a valuation exceeding $1 billion and was hailed as the premier note-taking app and it had no equal in the market. How times have changed… Over the ensuing decade, it faced a string of setbacks and eventually was acquired by Bending Spoons in 2023, presumably at a significantly reduced price. Since then, prices skyrocketed, followed by mass layoffs of its original staff. Meanwhile, competitors such as Microsoft steadily enhanced the alternatives to Evernote. Despite its challenges, Evernote continues to function effectively, almost in spite of itself. However, for new users, the steep price tag makes Evernote a less compelling option.  For example, the current price is higher then a full Office 365 Personal subscription. Its main appeal lies in its existing user base who are so far reluctant to transition to alternative platforms.


  • Evernote is a well-developed and reliable product.
  • In many ways, Evernote has long been a market leader and innovator, thus proving itself.
  • Creating new notes is fast, easy, and reliable, regardless of the platform you’re using (except for Linux, unfortunately)


  • In recent years, significant and strong price increases.
  • Falls short on some fronts, lacking features that are taken for granted in other solutions.
  • Leaving the platform and exporting data is frustrating and requires a lot of effort.
Topic Score (1-10)
Product  6,4
Platform support 8,5
Characteristics vendor/product 4
Functionality 8,7
Integrations 4
Personal evaluation 7


  • Product
  • Platform
  • Characteristics
  • Functionality
  • Integrations
  • Personal
  • Supplier: Bending Spoons (since January 2023)
  • Product/service: Evernote Personal
    • Price per year: € 99,99
  • Product/service: Evernote Professional
    • Price per year: € 129,99
  • Part of (suite or package deal): stand-alone
  • Depending on (suite or package deal): stand-alone
Platform Score Remarks
Apple iOS 10 Full app support
Android 10 Full app support
Windows 10 Full app support
MacOS 10 Full app support
Linux 1 Not available
WebApp 10 Full app support
Topic Score Remarks
Open-Source 1 Fully closed source
Vendor lock-in 1 Export is possible, but it is made difficult.
Reputation confidentiality 5 Hacked, but kept quiet for a while. [2]
Reputation integrity 5 Forum with critical comments shielded [3]
Reputation availability 10 Good/perfect uptime [4][5]
Reputation privacy 5 Could be better [6]
Reputation pricing developments 1 Huge price increases last years [1][7]
Topic Score Remarks
Capacity, max. number notes 10 100,000 notes (personal and higher)
Capacity, max GB 10 10/20 GB monthly uploads
Offline access 10 Fully supported
Folder structure 1 Not supported
Tags 5 Tags supported, subtags not working OK
Photo’s and camera (app) 10 Fully supported
Other files (pdf, zip, etc) 10 Fully supported
Version history 10 Fully supported
External sharing 10 Fully supported
Create tasks from notes 10 Fully supported
Support handwritten notes 10 Fully supported
Topic Score Remarks
Plugins 5 Limited [8]
API-interface 1 Limited, no REST
(Outlook) agenda 5 1 or 4 connectable calendars
AI / LMM 5 Limited, only professional and higher
Topic Score Remarks
Experience smartphone 10 Pleasant and reliable
Experience laptop 10 Pleasant and reliable
Deal-breakers 1 Missing folder structure, limited tag support, archiving could be better, exit-strategy limitations.


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